Dawson 6 months

Dawson is my newest nephew and I have been cataloging his little life for a few months now. First, in the womb with maternity pictures, then his birth, then newborn, and now 6 months!!!

Our family is head over heels in love with this little man. Jarrett (my husband and his uncle) always fights me to hold him when we see him, we cannot get enough of him! And neither can his family, he is smooched, snuggled, kissed, and loved on ALL day long! I love it:)1 2 387 13 15 16 18 2129 38 40 42

the birth of Aria Winter

As most of you know babies hold a soft spot in my heart (I am pretty sure they do in everyones!). And to get to meet a little baby on the day they arrive earthside-its almost too much for me! When Kandace asked me to photograph the birth of their 2nd child (they didn’t know boy/girl until she popped out!), I did not hesitate-YES!!!

I love birth-I have been blessed to go through it 3 times and they are equally the best days of my life. To be invited to witness such a special day meant so much to me.

It was such a amazing day I got to spend with this beautiful family. They love their 2 little ones so much, you can spend about 10 seconds with them and you will understand. They have the two most loved children in the world (and on top of that they are madly in love with each other too!) Here is the day the Ritter family went from 3 to 4.36 37 51 54 56 58 65 68 70 74 76 79 88 101 110 115 118 122 125 126 127 142 145 151 158174191 194216 218 235 236 241 243 250 259 263 266 285292 297 300 323 326 334 342 359 366

Madie and Chris Wedding

When Madie contacted me to photograph her on the most important day of her life-I was like “What?! Are you sure?!” It was to be my first wedding and I wanted to make sure they knew that! I know you have to have your “1st” at some point, but I was still nervous.

I met with them the day before the big day here in Galveston and they made me feel completely comfortable and totally ready to be there to capture this special day for them.

When the day arrived I was not nervous at all. Love filled the air (it really did!), the weather was perfect (it was at the beach), and they were surrounded by amazing friends and family. The day was just perfect-I am so happy for this couple and the beautiful life they are going to make together. 2 13 15 25 43 49 65 80 93 98 107 114 116 123 125 132 142 153 160 161 163218 235 256 286 324 327 334

Morgan family

Dasha contacted me to take some family photos for them since they were going to on vacation in Galveston. I had so much fun getting to know this family-they are a blast and so photogenic! And of course I was totally in love with their little one:)2 4 10 11 15 18 20 21 28 37 43 47 55 59 64 71 74 81 83 89

Hayden Newborn

I met this beautiful family through a friend. As soon as I walked into their house I could feel the love. This was their first child and they were head over heals, while simultaneously making it look like they were newborn pros! This is going to be one happy little boy growing up surrounded by so much love.7 14 17 25 29 32 45 47 54 58 63 65 73 78 80 84 86 Sneak Peak 3

Renee Maternity shoot

I got the amazing opportunity to photograph some friends of ours this past week. We met Renee and Steve in Maui, they both worked with Jarrett, and now they live in the Houston area too!

She messaged me asking her to do pregnancy and family pictures for them. So I drove up to Houston and had the best time with their family. They are so in love with their 2 year old Harrison (and now I am too!) and they are so excited to be having a new little brother for him soon!

Aren’t they just the cutest little family?! The last time I saw them, they were not even married yet, and now they have 2 little sons! Renee was just glowing and so healthy in her pregnancy, she was a total inspiration!